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Rebecca's Redemption (Call to the Jungle Book 3) - Lee Carver


Have enjoyed the other books in this series although they are also stand alone books, love the locations and so much more.

Three things I like about a book: has a bit of romance, I have to learn something new and I have to be taken away. This book provides all 3!

This one starts out with Rebecca and she's arriving in the jungle to help as a missionary at the hospital center.

Dr. Ed is the main doctor when she arrives and he has two girls that live nearby. There are other nurses and one is hoping the doctor will pay attention to her now that his wife has been gone over a year.

Rebecca just does what she's told and tries to stay out of the nurses way, she wants no conflict.

What I liked about this book was it took me away from the very first page on the plane just about to land and I felt like it was me sitting there as I've experienced small plane travel.

Very descriptive details of the scenery and all the medical things done to patients. Like how they all get along so smooth. Especially liked how they get the things they need and the trips to other areas to enjoy themselves.

Love the books the children get and was so surprised when Rebecca was given a gift. Learned so much about the fauna and nature, animals and procedures.

Conflict does occur when an agency arrives to investigate and you wonder if they will shut the hospital down...

Loved hearing of the scriptures and how that helps Rebecca and Dr. Ed open up to each other about their pasts.

Thought this was the best out of the series but all are very good and so detailed and descriptive.

I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review