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The Sunshine Sisters - Jane Green

The sunshine sisters by Jane Green
Have read other books by the author and have enjoyed them.
This one is about 3 sisters and their mother who's sick. Starts at present day then goes back to 1970's then 2000 then back again.
To me it's so mixed up and hard to keep track of who os who. There are three sisters and the best part for me is when they are summoned home from their jobs and family.
Their mother is very ill and she tells them a secret she's held close for a long time.
The sisters are once again together, something that's not happened since they were young.
Good story and I've though of doing same thing, my husband and myself if our circumstances get to that point. It's legal in OR already.
Wish each of the sisters had gotten their own book because I like to get to know my characters.
Liked mixture of careers and relationships but I couldn't tell you who was who at any given point.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).