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Because It's Christmas - Kathryn Shay

Because It's Christmas by Kathryn Shay
Have read many of the authors books and have enjoyed them.
Starts out with Lacey and she's there to visit with her brother in prison as she tries to rehab him before he gets out.
He was the one who helped their grandfather when he had the heart attack...
Seth Taylor is the one who put him in prison. She's a writer for the paper and Seth is the school principal.
Story also follows Seth and how he wants to run the school. Lacey has her own ideas and has voiced them in the paper.
Story also follows Kevin and his stay in prison and what he goes through...
Lots of action and drama and sensual scenes. Secrets that come to light....controversy and compromises and negotiations.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end and an excerpt from the next in the series.
Free copy via Kindle.