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Christmas on Interstate 80 by John Bensink
Starts out with Bonnie, the mom of 3 grown and moved out kids and she's decorating her house from top and bottom and then some.
Reminds me of me in a past life and even parts in the present as I go around tipping people for the services they provide, while on the road.
She's doomed-none of them will come home for Christmas, lame excuses, so she heads out, to maybe see them but gets turned down so he invents her own journey.
Love where it takes her as we've been to similar jaunts in our lifetime together. She's all alone Love after she leaves voice messages she turns her phone off.
Really enjoy the locations she travels to as we just recently had visited one that I'd love to see and enjoy again some day. Awesome memories as she's experiencing.
What struck me the most was usage of words-never seen/heard them lumped together like that but you knew exactly what they meant without an explanation.
Christmas decorations are so descriptive you can picture yourself there watering eyes as the colors are so bright and vibrant. Whole book is very detailed, would be a great movie!
Love where this story goes and wish there was more to it. Will be searching for more works by this author because of the terminology used-wicked good!