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Midnight Moonrising - K. S. Haigwood, Anne Conley, Steve Schmeckpeper, Ella Medler, Deena Schoenfeldt, Jenna Rose Thompson, Ryan Cottrell

Midnight Moonrising by K. S. Haigwood , Anne Conley
I usually stay away from audible books because they are such a hassle to get over to my tablet.
This one transferred and was waiting for me! Other have me and the author stumped for weeks til they send me a different format.
This book starts with Mena, her ex's funeral. He was the pack leader and how she's the leader. None of her friends knew he was a werewolf.
Others in important positions have her back and she won't be going to jail at all...
Her inner wolf wants her to do other things and she is strong...
She needs a right hand man and Darrin fills the spot but 27 others want the spot also. He orients her to the duties and other questions she has about the pack.
Her inner wolf wants to kill Phoenix so she can have Alex, the detective to herself.
They hope the witches have the answers to the killings...There are a lot of other creatures introduced that help also.
What I do like, even though to me it's all a fairytale is that there are problems and I like the way they find creative solutions to them.
Think I would like to read the next book if it's the end of the series but it's not really my genre but I enjoyed the series so far.
I received this review book from the author and this is my honest opinion.