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The Silver Music Box - Alison Layland, Mina Baites

The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites
Cast of characters are highlighted at the start of this book.
Love learning new things: silver smithing and the family business. Love the design work discussed.
We find Johann and he's making a special music box for his son Paul as he has to attend to some things that will take him away from home....
He meets with other family members as they discuss the war.
Johann will sign up to fight in the war-in another country to help the Jews.
Love how his wife wants to help out to help those in need-she will cook and serve at the synagogue. Story advances to when Paul is 19 and treasures his music box.
His father had died in the war...he will convert to Catholicism and then marry Clara who's also converting...
His passion is also a silversmith and the shop continues even after Wall Street collapse...being shunned because they are Jews but live as Christians.
Love how they hold out for as long as they can-losing jobs, no customers....
What I like about this book are the descriptions-they are so deep and detailed you feel you are there, in the trenches and hunched over the work table.
Love what the silver music box stands for and how it's passed from one to another over time, generation after generation.
Resourced and references listings at the end along with an author bio. Would read more from this author because they have done their homework with the facts making it an enjoyable story also.
Received this review copy via AmazonCrossing via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.