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SEAL's Promise: Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, Book 1 (SEAL Brotherhood Series 8) - Sharon Hamilton

Seal's Promise by Sharon Hamilton
Start out with other works by the author and a synopsis of the book.
Enjoy watching home of the brave tv show and seals and swat teams shows as they are go getters.
Play hard and play at fun also. Love hearing of contributions to the projects to aid those who return to us in the USA from the wars.
Frankie and Shannon were getting married and she knew she'd be marrying the rest of the Seal team.
Story also follows TJ who's a Seal on the team and we learn of his past history of growing up in foster homes and how much he missed from being raised in a typical family setting.
TJ is the godfather of the baby girl she's due to have but Frankie dies in a mission and TJ is the last person she wants around.
Very explicit sexual scenes as he tries to comfort her and she welcomes it.
When she travels back home to her parents he wonders if it's him she's running from... Wish there was more of the story rather than 70% of bed time. Interesting learning more about TJ's family...
Then the real action starts taking over the majority of the rest of the book. Excerpt from the next book in the series is included. Author bio, other works by the author and reviews.
Free via Kobo and this is my honest opinion.