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Holy Fool Holy Father - Nicholas A. Marziani Jr.

Holy Fool, Holy Father by Nicholas A. Marziani Starts out with glossary of words and what they mean. This book will entertain you throughout the course of reading it as it has a bit of everything that will keep you interested and turning the pages. Story starts out with the life of Misha as a boy in Russia and how he's trained from others to believe in God and he likes adventure. He hopes to improve by going to school. Love correlation of dance and religion. Love skills the parents teach him so he can survive in the future. Love hearing of the customs, traditions and locations traveled to, so enlightening. Learned so much from the perspective of the priests side of things. Dancing just brings everything together as it holds a special place for both. Loved learning about the love locks, have seen them in locations we've visited but never knew the whole story. It's the little things like Murano glass that makes an appearance here. I search for the other treasures hidden throughout this book. Book goes forward and love the premonitions of things to occur and I can see the world as described in my own eyes and think electric/digital age could expire. Love hearing of the electrical/electronic discussions and all the math and numbers and combined with everything else, it matters. I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review