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Winter's Bounty - Muriel Jensen

Winter's bounty by Jensen_ Muriel
At an extended familys gathering in Astoria, OR MaryJane
realizes her family is messed up. Her mother once an actress has remarried and moved form Hollywood to Oregon where her new spouse owns a lumber yard. She's having a family Christmas reunion and everybody will be there.
She marvels at how her step brother James who didn't even show for the wedding will be there. It intrigues her enough to attend...
She is able to have a talk with him when the dog jumps her but James is there to rescue her and he sets the record straight about the events...
Mary gets a gift ahead of time, so unexpected but she can handle it all...
James convinces her she needs to stay closer to her relatives and move and he has it all worked out.
He goads her to no end and she's able to handle his sons grief over his loss of parents. Lots of past secrets we learn about over the course of the book.
Road hazards and he tries to protect her as much as he can...
So much physical attraction and steamy sex scenes.
Love the locations and how the tree industry terminology is explained when spoken. Love learning about it.
Misunderstandings happen and you wonder if they can work through them...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).