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[ [ [ A Tumbled Stone - Greenlight [ A TUMBLED STONE - GREENLIGHT BY Laycock, Marcia Lee ( Author ) Mar-22-2012[ A TUMBLED STONE - GREENLIGHT [ A TUMBLED STONE - GREENLIGHT BY LAYCOCK, MARCIA LEE ( AUTHOR ) MAR-22-2012 ] By Laycock, Marcia Lee ( Author )M - Marcia Lee Laycock

A Tumbled Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock Book starts out with Andrea in the Saskatchewan wilds where she lives with her foster parents. She's in charge of the farm animals and they are cruel and it's hard work. Desolate prairies and barren lands and she's pregnant from her boyfriend and she will be leaving for a year to stay with the sister of the foster mother. Story also follows Alex and he's on his way to find his sister-he assumes she was also put in foster care when they were younger. Alternating chapters and Andrea learns from her new location that God is not mad at her and she has friends who help her understand God. Alex and his wife are on the trail and know where she was prior to leaving the area... Andrea brings them all together over time and she has choices and many options from all directions. Like that the characters are not all thrown together in one big lump but gradually so you can get their story down before others are introduced. Like the fact that family matters and how it helps here. Love how they list the pro and cons of the situation and it helps clear her mind, also praying to God. Love what the stone does for her...Story has a bit of everything for your reading pleasure: romance, travel, family situations, mysteries, and forgiveness. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Received this review copy from the author via The Book Club Network and this is my honest opinion.