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Happy Is The Bride - Caroline Clemmons

Happy is the Bride by Caroline Clemmons
Story is about Beth and she's talked with her cousin who she doesn't feel has the perfect marriage and she hopes hers will turn out different.
She loves Mason and he loves her and she doesn't like it when they have doubts about that.
Story also follows Mason and he knows he is good enough for her and he hopes he measures up as they are to be married.
They worked together and selected furnishings for the house. Mason had fallen and got a bump on his head and others bet he won't show up to get married.
They say she's jinxed as another didn't wed her last year and 3 years prior to that.
Nothing goes right...adult sex scenes. Other western and other genre books by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this copy from the author for signing up to her newsletter and this is my honest opinion.