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Home for Christmas (A Yorktide, Maine Novel) - Holly Chamberlin

Home for Christmas by Holly Chamberlin Have read other works by this author and have found the books enjoyable as I know this one will be. Nell is decorating for the holidays-love hearing everything that is involved as we would do that at our family house every year as well. Loved hearing of all the memories of the ornaments. She thinks this could be the last Christmas holiday she and the girls spend together in Yorktide, Maine. Molly is about to be married and Felicity will be traveling with her father and step mother to England countries. Her ex Joel had younger female interests. She had once was going to be a poet and marry Eric but she broke it off in college. She wants to make this year the best the girls ever experienced in Maine and might go to Eric's reading at the store... Lots of twists and turns for all. Liked all the baking as that's what I do starting in Nov so I can mail them out in time. Loved hearing of Nell's knitting and other hand made crafts and ornaments for the girls. Love that she will give them each something of importance. I do similar when we visit my daughter and granddaughter. They get a piece of jewelry I am wearing as it will then belong to them. Why hold it til you die and then others may fight over it. After extensive talks with one another about the important things, doorbell ringing all day, outcome is phenomenal. Received this review copy via Kensington Books via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.