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Married to the Sea: A Beach Romance - Norah Wilder

Married to the Sea by by Norah Wilder Book starts with Dr. Bruno Kerrigan and he's just performed a difficult surgery. Next we are years later and the story follow Delsie who's a painter but usually only on canvas. She's been hired to do a mural at the waiting room in the medical facility. After everyone has left for the day a man approaches thinking she's a vandal til she explains why she is there. He leaves and she continues on his way. He hopes to find her there again the next day but she's not... Story follows the both of them as their paths cross. What I like about this story are the careers and how detailed they are explained to get you not only familiar with with technical terms that you can understand. Dr. Bruno is arrogant and it takes a bit of time to become familiar with his traits. He's only every lost one patient. Delsie hopes to one day have enough money to leave her father's house to one of her own. Her mother had died years ago... Love how her father is a shipbuilder and love hearing of the tools of his trade. Love mystery behind the flaming arrows...Men's taking cooking classes and the bantering is priceless! Love sealife interjections throughout the book through the mural and quotes at beginning of the chapters. Jokes throughout are funny, helps move the story along also. Fun learning new things in this book. Love that the author was able to accomplish so much in just 170 pages that would've taken other 300 pages to do. He knows she will be crushed when he tells her but maybe she'll forgive him? Received a review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.