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Is That It? by Bob Geldof (1987-03-02) - Bob Geldof

Is that it by Bob Geldof My birthday gift 1985, the year they took my license to drive away, I was given a special birthday gift: was the watching nonstop, no chores no meals to make and i was able to watch the whole liveaid and even told others my brother is Bob Geldof. Like that he's a knight now and nominated for the nobel peace problem but mostly because of the aide he's helped raised. Story focuses on his childhood and although he had siblings he felt alone. Very detailed descriptions, adult content but was happy got to hear about the process of setting up bandaid and how others helped. Trip to Ethiopia was hard to listen to because of what was there. Loved this book due to all the work involved in making th event a success. Received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).