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A Hummingbird Christmas (Glacier Creek Book 1) - Karen Foley

A Hummingbird Christmas By Karen Foley Book starts out with Joy and her daughter Piper who have traveled to Glacier Creek, MT to spend time with her dead husbands family. Her husband was a smoke jumper jumping from planes to fight fires, along with his best friend Cole Tanner who she just crashed into on the blizzard road. He drives them to their destination and eases Piper into seeing all the cookies that were made just for her. Joy's job here will be getting everyone to help celebrate this holiday, even though they are down in the dumps that Matt isn't there with them... They also see the hummingbird and Joy says it's a sign from heaven where Matt is. It's winter and they are not known for the cold weather. I have heard the same about cardinals-a sign from heaven. Cole takes them into town for the festivals and Piper is overjoyed. Love hearing from others who live and work in the town, such a welcome and warm community. His secrets do come out but is it what she wants to hear about....she has her own problems and wants to keep them to herself. Like how the parents treat them both and how changes need to come about as they've all been grieving too long. Kind of a predictable story line but the process was good. Like hearing of his and her careers and how they are done, also holiday decorating. Sex and romance are indicated by not expressed. Other works from Tule Publishing are highlighted at the end and an excerpt from Heat by karen Foley is included. Won this in a book contest and this is my honest opinion.