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Silver Dollar: a novella by Alan Trustman - Alan Trustman

Silver Dollar by Alan Trustman
Really enjoyed the first book I read the other day by this author and look forward to more.
Totally out of their minds when they just board the plane and make it a 42 day around the world. Wow what a trip.
Joel is now dying and he wants her to be there for him and they try to make it to day 42 as their trip was.
Story goes back in time to when she had roommates and things aren't going just right and she takes off to find her own place with help from her other friends who she goes back to over the years from time to time.
As she advances at work she's able to afford her own place and takes up with L who travels a lot but they get along great.
Loved all the connections made through meeting others and helping one another out.
Relationships, career choices and life are all so fascinating as the years go by.
Like links to mystery of a disappearance til he's discovered and there's so much involved: skiing, restaurants, cannons and immigration.
Lots of action, adventure, romance and political views.
Love how the book got it's name. Can't wait to read more from this author.
Received a review copy via publicist and this is my honest review.