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Check Out - Debra Parmley

Check Out by Debra Parmley
Betsy is a naive librarian in a small town near Memphis, TN.
Nash is a Marine Vet who wanders into the library one day and she talks him into getting audio tapes rather than books.
They do date but her sister is full of drama and interferes causing their dates to end earlier than usual.
He's only got one eye and has PTSD that he talks to her about-found this interesting as I know others who also suffer.
Betsy has romantic daydreams about him, that's how much he's effected her.
The girls are out and a man attaches himself to her sister who's had too much to drink and Nash and his friends break them apart.
Malcolm is out to get Leann. She returns to college in KY.
High terror as she spots him stalking her but Nash has ideas and tells her how to be safe.
Love when Nash also went into the house and made sure it was safe for her to stay there. He's so protective. Nash has a lot of good techniques to keeping the women safe...
Misunderstandings and you wonder will it ever end.
Great short story. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.