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Aboard the Wishing Star - Debra Parmley, Joshua Macrae, Belo Dia Publishing

Aboard the Wishing Star by Debra Parmley
This book starts out with Kara and Viv and they have landed in Fl on their way to the cruise after the Christmas holiday and hope to have a great New Year celebration.
Kara has lost her luggage and Viv finds others who are going on the cruise as well.
I've never been on a cruise but this is so detailed I feel like I am there.
They meet Nat and his cousin Adam while in the hot tub after the drills on board. We learn a bit about them and also Kara's husband who had passed away.
Kara has dreams of her dead husband and finds it hard to sleep and now she's having arguments with her friend-so much turmoil. Like all the wishes she makes...
Twists and turns as others show up along the journey...
Like romantic/sexual gifts she receives but she thinks they are from Nat but they are not!
Love hearing of all the activities all hours of the day and night on board and so many excursions on shore.
So diversified and so much to learn and no attachments.
Like how he calms her fear of swimming in deep ocean...love the exquisite things they view under the water. Love all the memories she treasures once she's back in snowy, icy Ohio. She's fearful of her boss and things turn very scary.
Love the mystery, action and adventure as I thought this was just a romance novel, what a surprise!
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with an author bio.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.