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Up Chit Creek (Kira Callahan Mystery) (Volume 1) - Catherine Astolfo

Up Chit Creek Series: Kira Callahan Mystery By Catherine Astolfo
Kira works at the retirement center where most everybody has a memory issue and are old.
She finds a dead man with a woman sitting nearby, knife sticking out of the man's back.
Her older sister owns and run the center. Sheriff and deputies come out but it's hard to question those who don't respond due to their illnesses.
Love hearing about the rooms available in the mansion for the residents to use. Liked learning about others past and the history of the town.
It's a bit confusing to keep track of them all.
Kira is involved in finding clues, by listening or asking questions of others...
She confides in George, her boyfriend and he has more suggestions as more pass away...
Adult sex scenes. Loved the Leonard Cohen lyrics, priceless! Author bio at the end along with other works.
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