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The Holiday Truce - Felicia Rogers

The Holiday Truce by Felicia Rogers
Lena and Frank are riding together from FL to CO. It's near Christmas so the boss didn't want her to pick a married man with kids.
She really tries to get along with him but...he really tries to get along with her.
When they become stranded and not dressed for the weather they find a cabin with cans of food. He takes charge and makes a fire to keep them warm.
Outhouse is another story. They nag at one another and decide to call a truce to get through the ordeal of being lost.
What I like about this is how different the two are but they are thrown together for very long road trip around the holidays.
Love the cabin and only cans of beans to survive on. Outhouse has much traffic.
Because they spend so much time together they talk to one another...
Short but tragic and funny all at the same time.