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Fern (The Montgomery Sisters) (Volume 1) - Kat Flannery

Fern By Kat Flannery
This story starts out with Ms. Fuller and she's been brought to town, She died on the way.
The new sheriff investigates the woman who had brought him in. Most likes it was the ladies husband as everybody knew he beat her often.
She befriended Fern who gave her herbs to help with her infertility but they did not.
The old doctor had passed away and left 3 girls. The oldest learned everything she knew from her father. The middle girl is a crack shot with the gun.
The sheriff, Gabe needs answers from Ms. Montgomery-she knows about poison plants...
Fern knows the husband had trampled her garden. The girls are: Fern Ivy and Poppy-all poisonous plants.
The doctor wants Fern arrested. Gabe has taken a liking to Fern and he tries hard to work on the death investigation.
Love bartering she's able to do as none can afford her services, and when Gabe questions her about what the herbs do to those ailing...
So many secrets that people hold close to their chests for safekeeping til a bit of one is out...
They work together to solve who is poisoning others and why...Other crimes Gabe has to content with as well.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
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