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Holly and Ivy - Fern Michaels

Holly and Ivy by Fern Michaels
Starts in Pine City, NC Dec 2008 Ivy and John have twins. Her father owns his plane company so they have no problems with air travel.
She's just learned her family has died in a crash..
2016 we find Holly who's involved in school projects. Daniel is her dad and he hates musicals. Her mother had died when she was very young and she's not to bring it up to her father.
Story alternates between the two and how they cope with their situations. Ivy blames the pilot. She was still on the payroll and had John's money so she drank her life away. She buys everything on line so she won't have to socialize with anybody.
Ivy's father George remained running the company and he knows he has to move into retirement-have her run the company or sell it, along with the house.
Love how the trails bring the woman and girl together.
They all suffer so much pain from one unexplained act of disaster, will they ever heal?
Received a review copy from Netgalley via Kensington Books and this is my honest opinion.