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Cardinal Cabin - Joanne DeMaio

Cardinal Cabin by by Joanne DeMaio
super good read, missed lunch yesterday and almost dinner because iw as reading this book. this morning a full hour on the bike while reading and i'm finally done, with happy tears, thanks for writing such a meaningful story. cant wait for more!
Love this authors style of writing and know from just looking at the cover it's a keeper!
So happy to be able to follow the group of characters for the past several years as they grow older in the CT seaside community.
So the story starts out with Penny Hart and she's been assigned a secret destination contest where others try to guess where she's at and they also go inside the travel agent company to book their travels.
Story also follows Frank Lombardo who is a handy man of many talents as he goes about tending to Gus bird named cabins (loved the history behind them) during the winter months. So many chores to do and also help his sister Gina with wedding plans for friends.
Love the hidden treasures I found in this book: near and deer is an actual web site, hairspray does work for holding glitter in place, song by Frank is one I've heard before but never knew it by that name-yes hubby thought I lost it when I went to youttube to hear it-it's just Sept here; boat parade and all it stands for every year.
Learning how to snowshoe and ice fish-priceless! Penny tries to stay hidden but some meetings are inevitable and then others are told and will hold her secret. Other events occur and others discover her and it's just a matter of time before everybody will know. She has a week left to go.... Love hearing of others traditions, puzzle that turns into a picture for the wall-many of these I have myself and flip them over during different times of the year.
Love hearing of the birds and what to use to attract them-such fond memories of my mother and the birds she'd attract in her feeders.
Such detailed descriptions of the festivities and decorations at every location: games played during events and know they'd be so much fun to participate in; charity events.
Snowtorcycle-so cool! Love the nighttime adventures but he misunderstands a call he had overheard parts of it...
She hadn't planned on having company or her boss wanting her to go nationwide with the travel company....it's all one big fantasy, not real, or is it?
I received a review copy from the author and this is my honest review.