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Forever His - Shelly Thacker

Forever His by Shelly Thacker
Starts out 1299 with a tournament and the men decide instead of wiping out the family of heirs that they work together.
The king states he must have a relative marry the other side. She was in the nunnery and ready to devote herself to God.
They are never to raise their blades or they lose everything they have.
1993 in France, Celine Fontaine is enjoying the festivities and knows something important is about to happen. Her sister Jacqueline is trying to set her up with a man.
Celine had given up modeling and now works in fibers...the physical therapy is going well but not many know of her injuries...
The two worlds collide as they try to figure things out...she's arrived in 1300 and has no clue as to what is at stake....
Good, funny at times time travel book. Gaston wants her to be a maid now doing chores?
Loved learning about how the estate was run in 1300's and what was important to wealth and security. Love how she steps up to the plate and teaches others throughout the house how to make things easier and helps with the children. Hot spicy sex scenes as they get to know one another.
She is able to learn how to get back to the future...
Received this ebook free from smashwords and this is my honest review.