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Educating Dr. Mayfield (Sterling University Book 3) - Rebecca Heflin, Paul Flagg

 Educating Dr. Mayfield Book 3 by Rebecca Heflin
Have read the other books in the series and have enjoyed them.
Delaney Driscoll is at the bar with her friends who are only talking about their love lifes and marriages.
Dating service also talks abut blood test that will find your match from the previous book.
Sterling University, she has submitted her curriculum and hopes the university approves her schedule.
She approaches a man at the bar, so unlike her, Delvon Mayfield, the tall, dark and handsome man.
He's the dean and has the goal to get a higher ranking for the university. They keep getting thrown together with the other couples and they spend a lot of time together.
He actually takes the blood test to find his histocompatible mate and it's obvious who his perfect match will be.
Bit predictable but with some twists along the way. Love hearing of interpretations of literary works.
Profanity, adult situations and sexual scenes. Love how the book catches up with other couples from previous books but if you've not read them they introduce you to them.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this book via the author and this is my honest review.