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The Last Bar in NYC - Brian Michels

The Last Bar in NYC by Brian Michels
Was interested in reading this book because of the main location and the secrets it holds.
From the very beginning we also learn of his relatives history coming from Ireland and how that shapes his younger years and working.
Travel to places and the people he meets, things he hears, places he worked were so real as things are described in detail-author makes you feel like you were there seeing it for yourself.
Loved he was able to watch the World Trade Center being built and also swam under the GWB.
Like hearing of the connections also with baseball and library of books where he lives.
Adult situations are present. Loved learning the different jobs at the bar and what they entailed.
Loved how dedicated his passion is to having his own bar. Sad memories of watching the towers going down on my TV and highly commendable to going towards the turmoil rather than running away from it.
Didn't mind the celebrities much as I don't follow them but liked the stories that evolved form conversations at the bar. Liked philosophical bantering, kinda opened the authors soul and spirit to you to get the different angles of what he was experiencing.
Loved travel even from one block to the next because then you can trace his actual steps. Liked how he knew what patrons wanted to hear and where to be placed-like a sixth sense.
Would love to read more from this author.
I received a review copy and this is my honest review.