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Death But No Taxes - Daniel J Barrett

Death but No Taxes by Daniel J. Barrett
Have read the other books in this series and this is the one preceding the series.
Joe Traynor has many resources that he can count on to help solve the mysteries. Mark also in the service will work side by side with him.
They know the gang is responsible, it's just proving it and making the killings stop.
Starts out in NY where the snow is falling and Joe Traynor is attending classes there. Luis helps out with the grants and he's being sent out on paid vacation with taxes paid.
Ted the head director knows something isn't quite right and needs to get in touch with Joe to hear what he might know. Ted dies in a crash and Joe knows he has to step up and help out the Coalition.
When Ted is killed Joe notices that Luis is scratching near a tattoo on his leg and he starts to investigate things.
What I like about this story is that you are given information about the past history and how they entwine in the current present day events.
Love how just pertinent information is given, not whole story from the other books in the series.
Learned so much about the process and just little things like Russia names their ships after males, US after females.
It's the little things that together with the bigger things that make this book whole.