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All Because of the Tip of a Needle - Philip Nork

All Because of the Tip of a Needle by Philip Nork Enjoyed the previous works of the author and this one also. It's about harness horse racing and how Sam Newman is raised around the industry and as he gets older he wants to do more in the field. He has vets that will travel to the farm to tend to his horses. He scouts and puts in claims on the horses after the race. M99 scandal and his life is over. He has a feeling with them and knows just how much time they need to just hang out in the field at his farm before returning to racing. He gets blackmailed and has to figure out who and why. So many clues to connect. Lots of surprises along the way. Love learning how he is able to rehab and train the horses. Love the connection he has with his grandfather. Glad he was able to get his story out. The people you meet in your life! Love all the new things I learned. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.