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The Adventures of Pinchy Crab and Ramon D'Escargot: a fun, full color, illustrated story book for children of all ages - Dan Alatorre, Don Castillo

The Adventures Of Pinchy Crab and Ramon D'Escargot by Dan Alatorre
Have read other works by this author and really appreciate the time and devotion with this book.
Colorful children's book about Savvy and her adventures at the seashore. The family visits one day and she makes friends with the treasures of the sea.
After they leave for the day the parents realize she's brought the snails home and they stop to let them out near the sand. Surprises along the way and the outcome.
What I really like about this book as I've lived on an island my whole life is the suggestions about how the parents can use this book: numbers, colors, science experiments (what could they use to float Ramon home).
Not only for very young children but older ones as well. Q&A at the end to get kids to think about what they've read that influence their daily life of having friends around.
List of other works by the author and a summary of each. Linkable coloring pages and more available. Author and illustrator