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Blue Farm - Charles C.  Anderson

Blue Farm by Charles Anderson Have read #4 and 1 and 2 so going to enjoy this one also. Starts out with the twins and they are on their way to college, they bring their younger disabled brother Peewee along to get a feel for the campus. Peewee is kidnapped and they have to call their parents, who call the CIA and FBI. Days later they return home to find things scattered about which lead them to their brother's body. They talk and realize after seeing the camera pictures who is to blame. The twins are at college now and become friends with twins from Paris. Things become very intimate with both couples as they are learning about sex. Story goes on following the twins as they experience sex at college and also follows the parents at home as other clues come in to help them understand who is after their family still. Lots of very technical information about weapons of varying degrees. Lots of action, adventure, romance and travel and mysteries-something for everybody. Sexual adult actions and discussions.