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Nuclear Farm - Charles C Anderson

Nuclear Farm by Charles Anderson Second book in the farm series and am enjoying this one as much as the first. Lots of travel, history battles studied to put into effect on their own farm-such strategies, high tech weapons, bit of romance mixed in with a mother who's a nuclear physicist, father who's a ER doc among other talents and a set of twins that at the age of 10 are ready for college. Love that the same characters are still in place, 10 years from the previous book and this starts up where the other left off so you are brought up to date on the happening around the farm and town of Farmville, VA Used to play Farmville on facebook and I can say it's nothing like this farm. Love caves and tunnels not to mention the toys and gold. Love hearing of how they are able to track down different components of this story. I can see this actually taking place in todays world of oil and nuclear weapons. Can't wait til twins are a bit older-next book coming up! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.