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Can't Sing or Dance (Conch Town Girl) (Volume 2) - Daniel J. Barrett

Can't Sing or Dance by Daniel J. Barrett
Have read various books in the series and can't wait to fill in the missing pieces.
This one starts out with Joe and his friends' father is charged with drug dealing.
Other familiar characters from the other books are also in this one, making it family based.
Story also follows Julie-the one Joe plans to marry some day. Tilly is also present as she works at the local waffle house. Past events are presented but not details.
Love the directions, you can trace wherever they go yourself. Lots of action, mystery, twists and a bit of romance.
Brutal identifying the body...there was so much more he and Mark and Frank needed to investigate: the car, wifi, ipad, drugs, gangs, missing files, use of drones...
Love the action and how they get the clues solved as they lead to more. Like how the relationship is moving along between Joe and Julie.
Love all the locations and descriptions of interesting things to see and do.  
Met via Facebook and was given a review copy and this is my honest review.