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Good Enough - Pamela Gossiaux

Good Enough by Pamela Gossiaux Book starts out with a writer, Amy heading to work: gets in an accident but other driver was texting, she lost her job, her boyfriend and the engagement ring in his pocket. Nothing goes right but with the last snide remark of him she picks up the lottery ticket that his pregnant girl has dropped. Things just get worse, arrest for trying to get her clothes back... The lottery ticket is the winner, problem is her ex boyfriend might think he owns it so she hides it from everyone... She has a dream of running a magazine with help of a life coach. She gets a building, printing presses and has money to hire others to write a column. And just when you think she's got it all covered she realizes her assistance is the pregnant girlfriend of her ex, except now she has the disabled baby. Her brother has secrets about Josh, her life coach also. Things just don't go well....so much had turned upside down despite all the good she's done. She has the power to make it all happen...if only others will forgive her. Loved this story for the romance, hard work, play time in NYC and just unexpected things. So many twists and turns and NOT predictable by a long shot. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Would enjoy reading more of this authors works. Received a copy from the author and this is my honest review.