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Conch Town girl - Daniel J. Barrett

Conch Town Girl by Daniel J. Barrett Have read another book in this series and enjoyed it immensely. This one fills in, for me, a lot of puzzle pieces as the events were introduced with not a lot of detail in the book I read. This book starts out with Tillie and after seeing a man in a white van she must leave work and hurry home to Julie who she's raising. She is sideswiped and lost conciousness. Julie calls Joe to come help. They with help from others get paperwork together to get Tillie's house in order. Book goes back in time to when Joe attended RPI and Julie was in Brown getting degrees and when Julie was just a teen and had first met Joe. Present day-they clean out the attic and find $300k and put it in the safe deposit box, not knowing whose money it is. Can't be Tillie's as she works as a waitress at the Waffle House. Her parents maybe but most likely Julie's father who died young. Joe's friend Mark Silvia also helps out with solving who ran Tillie off the road and whose money it is. Julie writes her saga and we learn all about that. We learn the relationships with those mentioned from their past that they are still friends with. Julie feels someone is following her, her moves as she goes from school to coaching. Her house has been gone through...drug dealing... What I like about this book is a bit of romance, the location and such detailed descriptions of the locations, the travel, mystery surrounding the accident, money and other new things that will make the puzzle complete by the end of the book. Loved hearing how they would take care of Tillie upon her return home. Love hearing the details of the book Julie is writing. Many twists and turns, WITSEC, who knew! Love all the different careers and learning how they are done along with different ages and circumstances. What a good rounded book. Trying to take my time reading these as I know the next one is not quite ready yet to read. Met via Facebook and was given a review copy and this is my honest review.