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Journey to a Strong Tower: Higher Ways Book 1 - Marcia Laycock

JOURNEY to a STRONG TOWER by Marcia Laylock
This story is about Pince Eghan who's been taken on his 16th birthday. The enemy wants to tell him of what will happen to his father the king, his guardian and the castle because they did not listen.
Story follows Eghan and also chapters of his father and guardian. Also chapters of the enemy and their plans to destroy the castle and king.
His keeper, his uncle tells Eghan of his mother-his sister. Eghan has chores and The Book, of his mothers to study but he finds it hard ot understand. The chores his servant would've done and he's above that, or is he? If he wants to eat...
Passages from the bible are quoted. Everybody must help out with haying, both valleys even though snow is coming.
We also are able to watch as the guardian is trying to infiltrate the group so he can learn about Eghans whereabouts but he gets into trouble with the heavy snow...
Love how the One True God is being preached upon Eghan, his guardian and his father from all different locations...
Love the name of the book and it's symbolism during the story.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review