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Cloud Messenger: Love and Loss in the Indian Himalayas - Karen Trollope-Kumar

Cloud Messenger: Love and Loss in the India Himalayas by Karen Trollope-Kumar
Book sounded interesting and I know I will learn a lot from it, especially about the Himalayas.
Memoir about the authors life.
Starts out with Karen and she's in the medical field and has a stint in India where she meets Pradeep and they like one another. Love the tours he takes her on while she's there.
They write continually getting to know each other much better-he visits her in Canada after her time has ended and she surprises him with a visit to India where she agrees to marry him. Love that the words spoken in foreign language are stated in English.
Over the years they continue on with their medical help to the people who live far away from hospitals. She finds his is more interested in spirits then medical and she gets help from other Canadians in the area and attends services to help her understand.
Through harsh medical conditions and outbreaks their lives are often in danger and they are separated as Pradeep tries to save the BNA.
Interesting to learn how and what the children must learn once they attend school.
So many challenges, struggles to make a difference in the women's lifes.
Received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.