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Legedns of the Lake - Philip Nork

The Legend of the Lake by Phil Nork
Book sounded interesting and I can't put the book down. It will be one of my favorite for this month.
Starts out in early 1900's when the grandfather and grandmother buy into a land development in southern WI where they go to visit every weekend leaving the big city in IL for much deserved time off.
Over the years they get to make suggestions as to what they want the area to be and how things change over time, including children. Author is so descriptive you can smell what the air is like and see the layout of the development as if you are there.
Love this book because it's about the same timeframe of when I grew up and I can recall playing outside with all our cousins as we all lived next door to one another.  Our grandparents beach house had one big open living/bed area and one kitchen with no electric, just propane and bottled water. Bathrooms were in a separate building.
Wicked cool memories as they bring a tear to my eye of awesome upbringing as the children grow up and I love the message of the book: A person never knows when someone will enter their life and broaden their horizons forever. What a treasure!  Foreign language in also replied to in English terms so you get the gist and are not left in the dark. Love saying about God and what rain means-priceless!
The people met over the years and the inventions created are so cool to hear about. Love the legends and we also had the same one about waiting one hour after eating before swimming again...
Love closeness of the family and how they grow forward together.  Can't wait to read more from this author. Miss values we grew up with-a handshake was better than any written document. Such open and honest interactions between the characters.
Mix this all with baseball-no matter what team and 8mm family movies and you have an awesome read.
Met via Facebook, got a review copy and this is my honest review.