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If Not for You: A Novel - Debbie Macomber

If Not For You by Debbie Macomber Glad as one of her fan ambassadors I was given this ARC prior to the release of the book. Have read all the authors other works and love knitting inspired ones. Beth has finally broken away from her mothers grip and moved from Chicago to Portland, OR where her aunt Sunshine lives. She was able to get an apartment and job as a music teacher and loves her new life. Her friend Nicole has invited her to dinner with her husband Rocco and son Owen. Sam is Rocco's friend and feels comfortable with the family. Beth and Sam are set up and can't wait to leave the dinner when they feel things didn't go well. As they each drive home Beth's car is hit and she's in really bad shape. Sam does all he can to just be with her and even afterwards when she's in the hospital and rehab he's there for her and despite their outside appearances they find they do like one another-the inside persons they are. Some tender moments and some bringing up events of the past to bring the whole puzzle together. Found book was rather boring and a bit longer than it needed to be to get the story told but liked the read. Liked new things I learned and location of OR as we are familiar with areas of it in our travels. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.