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Beach Breeze - Joanne DeMaio

Beach Breeze by Joanne DeMaio
Have read all the authors works and have loved the style of writing she does along the CT shoreline.
This one is part of the series but there are enough references so it can be read as a standalone and you'd not be in the dark.
This story encompasses the night Jason left, after the funeral after they had all lost a friend, brother, son and a fiance.
It doesn't get to some of them til later in the book and as this is a close knit beach community they are there for one another, helping each other out in the time of need.
That is what I really look forward to as they each have problems with things going on in their lives. Some just take off, others are pained for months later.
So many changes to the community as the summer has now ended and things really slow down for some, workwise, but in other areas, they pick up and move forward-renovating houses now that the hammer law is done for the summer season.
Like how this book deals with people from all ages and problems. Love hearing all about the past and how things effected others to this day as the story comes full circle. Love hearing about the direction they are each taking in their lives as time goes on. Never get tired of the author's book, you can rely on them, always a super read
Excerpt from the next book is included-can't wait to read this one.
I received this book from the author and this is my honest review.