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Romancing Dr. Love (Sterling University Book 1) - Rebecca Heflin, Paul Flagg

Romancing Dr. Love by Rebecca Heflin
Sounded like a good story line about chemistry and results..
She's an assistant professor and doing research on chemistry and link with love. Her parents are sex therapy doctors in NY
Ethan is a professional at Sterling College also and his father has recently passed away so he keeps an extra eye out for his mother hoping to get her out of the house, doing anything to keep her busy.
Ethan helps her out with her car and invites Samatha Love for a date. They discuss her ex boyfriend and he wonders why they are together. He had brought her flowers for their date and that is her first time of getting them.
Such an easy thoughtful thing. Love dinner on the water-it's something my husband or I would've cooked up in the middle of Northeast winter day.
Love hearing of the experiments and the links between everything she is researching... Predictable not only does their blood match but the survey they each had filled out...
Events occur that break them up and jobs get in the way, there's no way they will ever be together...or is there?
Cute short story, enjoyed. Excerpt from another story is included.
Received from the author and this is my honest review.