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Against the Grain - Phil M. Williams

Against the Grain by Phil M. Williams
Starts out with Matt and his uncle is raising him and homeschooling him. They run a farm and sell crops at the end of the road using honor system.
Emily lives nearby and has a brother who bothers her at times. Now that they are teens she realizes her mother might be having an affair and her father just cares about himself.
Neither parent cares that her brother and friends are harassing her and abusing her mentally.
Inspection is due at the farm and he has to do many things to kill so they will pass. His uncle is very ill.
The county is against him as he doesn't know all the details of the past....so much goes wrong for him but he has to find out more about his mother and make sure others know of how his uncle died.
He also hopes to right all the wrongs done to him and others while in foster care system.
Brutal straight forward descriptions of life events, details as he has flashbacks of what really happened and who was involved.
Love all the parts of gardening, so knowledgeable using his hands.  
I received this book from the author and this is my honest review.