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Stone Lake - Phil M. Williams

Stone Lake by Phil M. Williams
Book starts out with Jon and he's on his way home to his cabin in the woods but Morgan runs into the back of his truck.
He owns part of the excavating business along with his ex wife and her new husband-his ex best friend. Love that when he negotiates the work detail he will pitch in along with the workers so nobody has to work on Sunday.
Morgan is running away from her fiance and they become romantically involved. Love the secret place, garden and everything in the woods.
Descriptive details that make you feel you ARE there. Love travel especially to the beach house-priceless. He then finds out more about her real life and I didn't see this going that way, WHOA. Lots of things in the past really matter now-to prove her innocence he goes out of his way to help.
Lost it when he received the envelope, WOW full circle. Could tell, without seeing it that this book was written by a man because there's no real drama (like females usually write) just the facts. Love how he deals with his mother, finally.
Love the sex but more the romance. Love how they use their hands to do their jobs. Love learning new things and about new locations.
Love this is not a predictable story, so many twists and turns-took my breath away.
Can't wait to read more from this author. Easy to keep track of the characters, over time with others thrown in to keep the story flowing. Like how the author writes about what he knows-it's just more real for the reader.
Hope there is another book in this series about his next adventures. I pick one or two books per month as my favorite and this one is gonna be hard to beat for the year!