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Holiday Magic - Fern Michaels, Mary Randolph Carter, Cathy Lamb, Terri DuLong

Holiday magic by Michaels_ Fern
4 authors and their holiday magic novels.
Holiday Magic by Fern Michaels
Stephanie opens the ski shop where she works as she lights candles, has drinks ready and hot donuts for early shoppers the day after Thanksgiving.
She and her boss, Patrick have dated a few times and he's not ready to go further.  She has 2 daughters that she has struggled to raise after leaving her abusive spouse years ago .
Her daughters go missing during the blizzard and things come apart...
A Very Merry Christmas by Cathy Lamb
Christmas show during production and after. She knows no man will ever want her from the accident when she was a teen.
Or will they?  One was witness to her accident and never held it against her...
A very Maui Christmas by Mary Carter
She's lost her chef job at the restaurant and her family wants her to be the maid at their house at Christmas. She wins a trip to Maui but she's not sure why her whole family is there...
A Cedar Key Christmas by Terri DuLong
The community want to stop an elder man from going to a nursing home. Some family show up and they are up in an uproar over the circumstances.
Lots of people, confusing at times if you've never read the series. People from all ages is a plus as they are all going through their own problems.
Enjoyed all the books from different parts of the world with one theme-Christmas magic.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).