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Counterfeit - Lee Carver Counterfeit by Lee Carver Was interested in this book because of the art and travel, knowing I will be learning new things in this book. Starts out with a woman who's in Amsterdam and travels to the local art galleries and is able to take pictures. She is observed and followed at times. When Kendra returns to her room she is able to paint what she had pictures of-not forgery but selling her work as her interpretation due to the brush strokes, etc. When she is leaving a prestigious gathering she realizes the painting she just passed was not the same as when she first saw it that night she tells others and she is now suspect to the forgery. The men, Richard and Martin want her to work with them as they want to catch the thief. Enjoying not only the discussions of art but the places she travels to, the sights she is able to see. Love how the author describes them all in detail. When everything she had was stolen she agrees to help Interpol with the information she knows-they will pay for her meals, room, etc for her expertise. Many times others have tried to kidnap her-to use her painting talent to their benefit.... Like how prayer helps her to keep going and able to overcome fears she has and how others notice she prays before each meal. Love the connection of crochet. Other works by the author are highlighted and summarized at the end. Like writing style of this author, can't wait to read more. I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review