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Family Tree by Susan Wiggs (2016-07-28) - Susan Wiggs Family tree by Susan Wiggs Have enjoyed other works by this author and know this one will be another good one. Starts out with Annie and Martin and he's just left for work. They had an argument about the bison but she gave in. She had so much advice from her grandmother that really made life matter. They run their own cooking show...CJ is there to do an interview about her grandmother's cookbook. She had stated there's one key ingredient in each dish. Loved hearing about this as I put together two cookbooks for my mother in law in 2000s. Martin does the cooking on the show and Annie produces it. On her way to tell him they are expecting she finds him with the female co host.... Story also follows Fletcher who lives in VT with his son. Teddy watches The Key Ingredient because he knows who is producing it and glad she doesn't appear in front of the screen...he had a crush on her when she lived in town... Chapters go back in time and forward to the present making all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Love the area and maple syrup process as we've seen it, experienced it for ourselves just last year. So much to learn. Author makes you feel like you are there with detailed descriptions of the food served. It makes your mouth water! Love history of the town, so New England and details of the therapy. So many struggles for them all over the years and nothing goes as planned. Love technical culinary interjections, priceless! Loved everything I learned from this book. I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).