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That Summer - Jo Huddleston

That Summer (Caney Creek Series Book 1)
Have read other works by the author and enjoyed the reads.
This one starts out with Jim and he's had enough of his father's treatment and leaves to go to the city for a job and a place to stay. He hopes his father won't take it out on the younger kids still at home.
His mother understands but is torn from his leaving.
He is introduced to not only the plant owners daughter, Caroline but the ways of the city life,drinking with the guys and life at the boarding house.
Events and people break them apart and the only thing he can rely on is to go back to the church and follow his Bible and God.
Story follows each of them over the years...such heart aches and struggles during the depression and deaths...
So strong through to the end.
I was given the book from the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review