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Everything or Nothing - Michael Baron

Everything or Nothing by Lou Aronica
What I liked about his book is that it's from the male point of view and there's not a lot of drama if told from a female point of view. It also follows other characters and different age groups and the problems they face.
Maxwell Gold, head of Chamber of Commerce is running for mayor for his local town of Oldham, CT and when available takes care of his young child. His wife has divulged some information that he finds troubling and understands why she's not by his side in the campaign.
Familiar with the area but it's interesting to learn about the process of running as we just went through a national election. Found it interesting to learn of how he will accomplish the goal of attracting the same like businesses to his town keeping the same feel and atmosphere intact.
His sisters are around the help fill in.  Story moves right along-not dull or boring.
Liked hearing the options available and which one was selected and why. Few characters so it's easy to keep track of everyone.
Excerpt from The Hearts of Men series is included: The Forever Year, When You Went Away, The Journey Home, Anything,  Crossing the Bridge, Flash and Dazzle,  Spinning, A Winter Discovery, Leaves, Recovery, An Anniversary Feast, Blue,  Until Again, and Differential Equations, .
I received this book from the author via The Story Plant in exchange for my honest review