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Charlotte's Web - Garth Williams, E.B. White, Kate DiCamillo

Charlotte's Web by EB White
Had never read this book and got a digital copy and my friend wants me to make the characters in knitted finger puppets so I thought I better understand the book first.
Starts out with Fern and she saves the little pig that was born, She tends to him when she's not in school. He gets so big he has to move to a farm where there are other talking animals.
He meets up with a rat, goose, sheep, and a spider. He finds out he is to be killed for the winter feast and the spider says she will save him from that.
A message in the web makes the farmer think the pig is special and they forget their chores and give the pig special treatment and meals...
Liked learning about all the animal facts. Fair changes all their lives...Felt kinda sad as the animals die, but then they leave their offspring behind, not sure how a child will take it.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).