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Tidewater Summer - Jo Huddleston

Tidewater Summer-  by Jo Huddleston
Book cover and summary made me want to read this one as I've been there but knew enough when to leave.
Starts out with Rose Marie and she's engaged to Walter who's gotten a promotion at the bank. When she doesn't want to go out to the movies he takes Amy. When he returns he'd been drinking and he starts lashing out at her. She gets her friend to stay over and Walter shows up the next day to take her to church...
She can get away with not seeing him as her aunt lends her the cottage for her school vacation from teaching kids. Gated community that is self contained.
She fears his hands around her neck. Love hearing of the beach area, author describes it so perfectly you can just picture yourself there.
Rose needs to contact the serviceman as she has no water. Franklin seems to know his work.  Frank comes to the rescue and he realizes she's scared-not sure of what but he'd like to get to know her better.
He prays for her to find peace. Island life-love this part as we experienced it ourselves. Everything is done on island time-no hurry required. They do spend time together and she learns that Walter knows where she's at...
Comparing tidal pools to turmoil with Walter is a direct hit!  I still pay attention to moon phases and tide tables, so important!
She misunderstands his words and he leaves...like hearing both sides of the same situation. Rose sees him in a new light the night of July 4th and learns what he contributes to the community.
Terrifying scary scenes of abuse.  Frank thinks he has the solution for the botched proposal...
Liked this book so much, brought me back to my island, the warm breezes, sea oats, sand dunes and endless water and sun and moon, very descriptive.
Love jewel she finds and treasures. Rose hopes she's not making a mistake, things are moving fast.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review.