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Ex-Spinster by Christmas: House of Haverstock, Book 4 - Cheryl Bolen

Ex-Spinster by Christmas (a House of Haverstock Christmas novella) by Cheryl Bolen
Margaret is happily married. Her sister Caro is looking for a husband with hopes of having children.
Caro has had many proposals but has declined all of them but she's in love with Christopher. She puts herself out there and she discusses marriage with Brockton.
Story also follows Christopher and how he wants to intervene so Caro won't become betrothed to another but he doesn't want her either, or does he? He'd have to give up his mistress....
Liked hearing how one helped save those in the fire.  Without giving anything else away from the book this is a delightful story around the holidays. Loved hearing about the different houses and locations during the season.
So festive. Love that the whole family gathers and plays cards, as we used to do after a family gathering. So treasured a moment.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review